Free Course: Introduction to Cryptography and Quantum Computing

This course is aimed at all those people, be they students or professionals who wish to learn new techniques of mathematical and scientific analysis.

Course Description and Content

The course will be taught by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Suppose that the bits a computer uses are stored in quantum states, for example the state of an atom or that of a photon of light. What changes would occur in the processing and transmission of information? In recent years a new scientific discipline aims to answer this question: quantum information theory.


At first glance the difference between classical information and quantum information is not great: while a bit can take the values 0 oh 1 a quantum bit (qubit) can take those values, represented by 0 Y 1 , and combinations thereof, for example 0 + 1.


However, spectacular applications have been found that challenge the classical understanding of information theory.: quantum cryptography, teleportation or algorithms exponentially faster than classical algorithms.


Learn new techniques of mathematical and scientific analysis about this environment that, with current technology, will revolutionize computing in the near future.


This course, only contains 2 classes with an approximate total duration of 3 hours.

Be part of this course with more than 900 enrolled students, and an assessment of 4.5/5 stars.

To your rhythm! The course does not have a specific expiration date, so you can take it today and finish it whenever you want.

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