Free Course: Introduction to the Web

For this course it is necessary to have previous programming knowledge.

If you want to know how the Internet works, as well as wanting to learn the best practices of web programming through HTML languages, CSS, Python and JavaScript, the next course is for you.

Dual screen programming.

What will i learn?

  • Basic principles about the Internet, including IP addressing, DNS, DHCP, Routers and TCP and IP protocols.
  • About the trust models used in programming to integrate open source pieces to your projects.
  • The basic principles of Cyber-Security or computer security.
  • To use HTML languages ​​professionally, CSS, Python and JavaScript.
  • The SQL database language and the MVC architecture
  • To use the Python language for the web and JavaScript asynchronously with Ajax.

The course is divided into 16 units which we will break down below:

  1. Unit 1: Internet
    • Here we will learn the introduction to the operation of the Internet and its fundamentals.
  2. Unit 2: IP addresses
    • We will learn the introduction to IP addresses and how they work.
  3. Unit 3: DNS y DHCP
    • We will see the deepening of DNS and DHCP issues
  4. Unit 4: Routers
    • We will learn the concept and operation of the Router, as well as a deepening about them.
  5. Unit 5: TCP and IP
    • Here we will see the concepts and handling of TCP and IP.
  6. Unit 6: HTTP
    • We will see the introduction to the concept of HTTP, as well as inquire about HTTP.
  7. Unit 7: Trust Models
    • We will learn about strict identity and device verification.
  8. Unit 8: Cyber-Security
    • Here we will see computer security.
  9. Unit 9: HTML
    • We will have an introduction about this code that is used to structure and display a web page.
  10. Unit 10: CSS
    • Here we will see a small introduction to CSS, as well as inquire about the subject and its examples.
  11. Unit 11: Python
    • We learn about this most popular and user-chosen programming language.
  12. Unit 12: Python for the web
    • We will reinforce previous knowledge but this time deepening in Web programming
  13. Unit 13: SQL
    • Here we will inquire about the structured query language.
  14. Unit 14: MVC
    • We will learn about this style of software architecture that separates the data from an application.
  15. Unit 15: JavaScript
    • We will study about this programming or scripting language, as well as its use with DOM.
  16. Unit 16: AJAX
    • Here we will inquire about this web development technique to create interactive applications.

The entire course is 56 hours, requires an advanced level in these topics and is in Spanish.

With a valuation of 5/5 stars, more than 2 a thousand classmates.

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It should be noted that the course is free, but if you want to get certified you will have to make a payment. If you are from Mexico you have a great discount!

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