Free Course: Algorithms in Mathematics and Informatics

This course is aimed at all those who wish to learn about algorithms and improve their vision of mathematics and computing.

Course Description and Content

The course, It will be taught by the Catholic University of Murcia.

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia is a private university located in Murcia (Spain). It has about thirty undergraduate studies and more than fifty postgraduate degrees, in addition to several titles of his own.

In mathematics, logic, computer science and related disciplines, an algorithm (from Greek and Latin, dixit algorithmus and this in turn from the Persian mathematician Al-Juarismi) is a pre-written set of well-defined instructions or rules, ordered and finite that allows an activity to be carried out through successive steps that do not raise doubts to who should carry out said activity.


Given an initial state and an input, following the successive steps a final state is reached and a solution is obtained. Algorithms are the object of study of algorithm. In this video course you will learn and improve your vision of mathematics and computing, through a deep understanding of different types of algorithms.


This course has a total of 7 lessons, which are:

  1. km²: Search Algorithms.
  2. KMP Part 2: Search Algorithms.
  3. BM: Search Algorithms.
  4. BM Part 2: Search Algorithms.
  5. QuickSort
  6. Backtracking: Backpack
  7. Backtracking: N-queens

Its approximate total duration is 1 hour.

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