Free Course for a Limited Time: Digital Character Painting

This course is aimed at all those interested in learning to bring their character sketches to life through color and light with Photoshop.

In this course and with the help of the illustrator and character designer Joel Santana, you will know how to give realism and depth to character drawings, With this and throughout the course you will learn to get the most out of Adobe Photoshop to bring your character sketches to life.

Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Influences
    • What will we do in the course?
  • Painting basics and exercises
    • Our workspace and brushes
    • Sphere Studies: color, lights and shadows
    • Sphere Studies: modifications
    • Sphere studies: textures and blur
  • Digital painting of characters
    • Create a mood board and import our character sketch
    • Masking our character
    • Flattening our character
    • Defining the location of the key light
    • Values ​​and color: White fur
    • Values ​​and color: the weapon
    • Values ​​and color: refining the fur
    • Lights details, shadows and textures: gauntlets
  • Finishing touches and effects
    • Finalizing the image: finishing touches, reflections and blur
    • Reflections and shadows
    • Color editing and export
  • Final project
    • Digital painting for characters: color and light

The project of the course is to bring a character to life using intermediate and advanced digital painting techniques with Adobe Photoshop.

Who is it for and what do I need?

This course is aimed at everyone who wants to learn digital painting techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

All you need are basic notions of anatomical and creative drawing, plus a computer with Adobe Photoshop and a drawing tablet.

This course has a 99% positive feedback, for the more than 21 thousand people who are enrolled.

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

You just have to register, and you will now be able to access the course totally free. What are you waiting for!

Take advantage of, since there are only less than 54 hours. After these hours, the course will be paid again.

Getting certified in this course, It has a cost.

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