Udemy Coupon: React.JS course from scratch with 100% off

In this course you will learn to use the frontend development library created by Facebook calledReact JS. used today in the development of sites of large companies such as Dropbox, ebay, Instagram, PayPal y Netflix.

You can learn completely from 0, starting with the essential foundations to master component creation and rendering.

You will also learn about the events of each of the elements, create forms, control states, properties, references, communication between components, ruteo, to build your own projects using the best practices in code to have optimal and scalable implementations.

In the first part of the course (Updated on 2021) We will learn to use Context.API for the global management of information in your components, which can also function as a state management.

The main objective is that you learn the solid foundations of the library and learn to create an optimal structure to carry out any type of React Js project towards success.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Uso de VS Code
  • Basic programming

What you will learn

  • Build websites using the React JS library
  • Consumir REST API (Fetch and Axios)
  • Context API
  • Think in components
  • Write Optimal React Js Code
  • Organization of your project folders

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