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Programming is considered by many to be an art. You can create whatever you imagine (sometimes) from computer programs to mobile applications.

When choosing a programming language there are many options of all flavors. The complexity may vary depending on the language you choose.

For example, If you are a beginner or want to develop Artificial Intelligence, the ideal is to use Python. If on the contrary you want power and speed of development you can use C ++, but if you want to be the star of programming use HTML xD.

In addition to knowing how to program, Something basic among your knowledge should be knowing how to use Excel, since it is requested as a basic knowledge among companies, even if you don't work directly with him.

But, Did you know that it can be programmed in Excel? We are not talking directly about writing lines of code in Excel cells or anything like that, but using Excel VBA.

What is Excel VBA?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language that allows you to control almost everything in Excel.

You will learn how to create macros that can be run from things like a button on a spreadsheet, excel ribbon, and in many other places.

Learning Excel VBA will allow you to do much more with the software than you can through the normal spreadsheet view.

In this grade, you will learn how to create your own macros, so that you can take your Excel skills to the next level and get ahead of the competition.

Course requirements

You do not need to be an Excel expert to take this course, only average excel skills will suffice

Do I need a specific version of Excel?

Need excel 2007 the superior to take this course. You can probably follow it if you have a version of Excel earlier than this, but the screenshots are all from later versions.

How do I get the course?

The course is available online and no type of registration is necessary to obtain it, all you have to do is click the button below.

Just click the following button and good luck in the Excel VBA programming course.

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