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Until a few years ago, communication was based on phone calls and plain text messages..

With the spread of the internet, and the cheapening of smartphones led to the proliferation of different mobile applications.

One of the areas with the greatest impact is communication, where mobile applications using telephone and internet networks are able to communicate with anyone in the world.

WhatsApp and Telegram are the best known examples, these messaging applications allow you to send text messages, audio, video, and even video calls and connect with people from the other side of the planet.

Developing a messaging application is not easy, but with the right bases and technologies, anyone is capable of carrying it out.

If you are a novice developer, it is a good option to develop a messaging application, to add it to your resume and also gain experience in the process.

Vue Vuex Firebase messaging app (clon de Slack)

Learn Advance Vue JS VueX and Firebase techniques to create a modern real-time web application


Who is this course for?

  • Someone with basic knowledge of Vue JS who wants to build advanced real-time web applications with Firebase


  • Basic knowledge of Vue JS

What you will learn

  • Intermediate level Vue Js
  • Learn how to use Vuex in Vue Js Project
  • Create Slack clone
  • Build an advanced real-time messaging app
  • Using the Mid-tier Firebase Realtime Database
  • Social login with Google
  • Social login with Twitter
  • Securing routes
  • Firebase Database custom rules
  • Public channels
  • Private channels: one-to-one user-based chat
  • Online user status / out of line
  • Notifications
  • Upload file
  • Implementar en Firebase Hosting

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