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The world of programming is very varied and with hundreds of options.

Programmers are capable of creating almost anything, from video games to internet pages, going through applications and much more.

It is incredible how from some lines of code you can create animations and movements on the screen. The programming is amazing and a lot of fun if you like what you do.

If you are a beginner in programming, you should bear in mind that the first language you choose may define your career as a programmer.. It can be the difference between a fast and fun learning or a slow and boring one.

My usual recommendation is that you choose Python as the first programming language, since it is easy to learn and its syntax is simple which makes it easy to read even for non-programmers.


What's more, With Python you can do a lot of things thanks to the large number of libraries and its incredible community.

There are libraries to create video games, mobile apps, artificial intelligence systems, automation and much more.

Learning to program in Python will be of great help for your future as a programmer.

Python 2021: Python full bootcamp: Zero-Hero programming

Full Python bootcamp with more than 40 Applications / examples and 2 real world projects. Become a full Python programmer

With more of 100 conferences and more of 21 hours of video, This comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned!! This course includes quizzes, evidence, coding exercises and homework assignments.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.
  • Programmers switching languages ​​to Python.
  • Intermediate Python programmers who want to improve their skills!!
  • Anyone interested in Python programming, Python scripting or computer programming in general.
  • Those who want to become a highly paid Python developer.


  • There are no requirements for this bootcamp

What you will learn

  • ¡Learn to use Python professionally, learning python 2 and Python 3!
  • Strengthen your knowledge with +30 specific applications
  • Write Python programs that can be used on Linux operating systems, Mac y Unix.
  • Understand how to create your own Python programs.
  • Add object-oriented programming skills (OOP) from Python to your resume.
  • Get the Python skills that are prerequisites for moving to specific branches: machine learning, data science, etc.
  • Understand how to use both Jupyter Notebook and create .py files
  • Develop a complete understanding of Python from scratch!!
  • Strengthen your skills with additional practice activities from +20 throughout the course

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