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Nowadays, databases are vital tools for business operations.

Databases are computer systems that collect, analyze and store extensive information.

This information allows companies to optimize operations such as inventory tracking.

The good use of SQL databases and the application in businesses and companies greatly help the growth of companies in conjunction with their operations..

There are several database management systems, including SQL Server, MySQL among others.


Learning to work with them is of great importance since it will allow you to manage information from any programming language.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021: from zero to hero

Become an on-demand SQL master by creating complex databases and building real-world projects and examples.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in learning SQL to help with their current job or to find a new role. SQL is one of the most demanded skills today
  • Anyone interested in learning more about SQL, PostgreSQL or basic data analysis!
  • Everyone who wants to learn to code and apply their skills in practice.
  • Developers looking to build apps (for example, social media, e-commerce sites) using MySQL


  • No database experience required!, SQL o MySQL! Complete beginners in MySQL are welcome.
  • No prior technical experience required! Everything you need a computer!

What you will learn

  • Create your own database or interact with existing databases
  • Answer questions about sales or company performance using data
  • Model real-world data and generate reports using SQL
  • Use SQL to query a database
  • Replicate real-world situations and query reports
  • Write complex SQL queries on multiple tables
  • The freedom to query what you want from a database
  • Tons of exercises that will solidify your knowledge
  • Get the ultimate readiness for real-life database management
  • Get the skills you need to land a job as a SQL developer

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