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Programming is one of the skills that can be most helpful in your work life.

Thanks to globalization and the increasingly constant implementation of technology, it is very important to have basic notions of programming.

For example, with scheduling, tasks and processes can be automated that would normally be done "by hand".

For example, send emails where the normal way is to write the address, message and click the send button.

With programming, this process can be automated by connecting directly to mail services or automatically controlling mouse and keyboard movements to send emails without the need for the user to touch anything..

As well, there is another area that is of great importance with programming, for example, in data analysis tasks that could previously take hours and even days can be easily accelerated with code scripts that “scrape” all the information and extract the most important.


Among all languages, Python is the most popular in all areas since it is easy to learn and has a large number of code libraries that allow you to do almost everything.

In data analysis it has a strong point with libraries like pandas and numpy.

Python and data science for beginners

Learn Hands-on Data Science and Python from Scratch

Who is this course for?

  • Data Science Beginners
  • Beginners in Python


  • Familiarity with data formats, for example, excel, csv
  • Comfortable using a computer and the internet

What you will learn

  • How to set up the environment for exploring with Jupyter Notebook
  • How to import Python libraries into your environment
  • How to work with tabular data
  • How to Explore a Pandas DataFrame
  • How to explore a Pandas series
  • How to manipulate a Pandas DataFrame
  • How to clean data
  • How to view data

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