Udemy Coupon: CSS and JavaScript course for beginners with 100% off

Before, developing a website interface could take a long time, including frustrations on the part of developers

The time has changed, con JavaScript frameworks como Foundation, Bootstrap and angular make it possible for a web developer to quickly create the framework of a front-end web page.

These frameworks allow web developers to develop the interface part, as well as its functionalities in a faster and more comfortable way.

The frameworks include a large number of pre-built functionalities, where they are only imported and used as best they are needed.

But, the time may come when you need the most personalized and tailored, in this case you should be able to use CSS and JavaScript perfectly.

If you still do not know these languages ​​completely, Is this course for you.

CSS y JavaScript: certification course for beginners

Learn how to add dynamic client-side functions to your web pages using CSS and JavaScript.

Who is this course for?

  • Students interested in learning the fundamentals of CSS and JavaScript coding.
  • Students interested in adding dynamic client-side functions to web pages
  • Beginning web developers looking to improve their skills


  • Basic computer skills

What you will learn

  • Parts of a CSS rule
  • CSS rule types
  • CSS classes, intervals, ID, divisions
  • Márgenes CSS, stuffed, text properties, font properties, edges
  • CSS Backgrounds, Transparency
  • CSS positioning: static, relative, absolute, permanent, floating, Clear
  • CSS link style, index Z, boards
  • Responsive web page design using CSS
  • JavaScript location
  • Variables, JavaScript constants and arithmetic operators
  • Operator priority, type of data, objects
  • JavaScript functions, matrices, array attributes
  • JavaScript loops (For, For-In, While, Do-

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