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Software projects are built line of code upon line of code from scratch. Y, often, there are many tests, bugs and fixes needed to create something that actually works the way it's supposed to.

For example, a registry error occurs and it is important to correct the fault by locating the code line (s) that originate it. But, What if this change generates more errors or failures?

In this case it is important to keep version control, so that if there are different failures caused by changes in the code, you can go back to a previous version and start over.

Version control is software that helps track and record the changes you make to your file or sets of files over time, a version control system gives you the power to review or even restore previous versions.

Version control takes snapshots of each revision of your project. You can then access these versions to compare or restore as needed.

Git is an extremely popular version control system that sits at the heart of a wide variety of high-profile projects..


Git is installed and maintained on your local system (instead of cloud) and gives you a self-contained record of your current programming versions.

GitHub extends core Git functionality. Features an extremely intuitive user interface, represented graphically, and provides programmers with integrated task management and control tools.

Learning to use Git and GitHub is an essential skill for any developer.

Git y GitHub 100% Practical

Learn Git and GitHub quickly and 100% practice

Who is this course for?

  • Developers who want to learn in a totally practical way how to use the Git version control system and how to use the GitHub repository


  • Have a computer with Windows operating system
  • No prior programming or Git or GitHub knowledge required

What you will learn

  • Everything you need to work with Git starting from 0
  • GitHub account creation and actual use of the repository
  • Uses and management of version control software and repository for project management
  • Ways of teamwork to avoid problems when working on the same project

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