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Over the years the information has become more valuable.

Not just for the general public, but also for companies. Information or data about purchases, customer behavior, trends and more is something very valuable for companies.

With the use of data you can improve either your products, Schedule, customer service system and many other areas, always looking for the most optimal way to improve sales or reduce losses.

But finding valuable information is not easy, requires analysis of millions of lines of data, making use of algorithms and automated systems to clean and sort the information in order to find the data that is valuable.


El data engineer (or data engineer), is in charge of making sure to define and implement a data flow from its origin to its exploitation in a controlled and automated way.

Data engineering basics: SQL, Python and Spark

Create data engineering pipelines using SQL, Python and Spark

Who is this course for?

  • Computer Science or IT students or other graduates with a passion for getting into IT
  • Data warehousing developers who want to move into data engineering roles
  • ETL developers who want to move into data engineering roles
  • Database developers or PL / SQL who want to move to data engineering roles
  • BI developers who want to move into data engineering roles
  • QA engineers to learn about data engineering
  • Application developers to acquire data engineering skills


  • Laptop with decent setup (minimum 4 GB RAM and dual core)
  • Sign up for free on GCP with available credit
  • A degree in computer science or computer science or previous experience in

What you will learn

  • Set up the development environment on GCP
  • Database Fundamentals with Postgres
  • Python programming basics
  • Data engineering using the Spark Dataframe APIs
  • Data engineering with Spark SQL

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