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What is scheduling?

Programming is a way of “instruct the computer to multitask”.

Programming is used to solve multiple current problems using the computational power of computers., cell phones, electronic devices and more.

Nowadays programming is a skill that gives you many benefits, either personal or work.

In a personal way, scheduling can help you automate tasks or speed up your day-to-day processes.

In the work area, programming is more and more requested (almost at excel level) and it can even be beneficial to have a better position in companies in the technology industry.

Before, The programming was somewhat more closed and learning it was more complicated due to the scope more limited to the general public.. Today it is different and anyone with internet access can learn to program even for free.

The good news is that in many countries around the world, children are being taught to code from the earliest years of school.

Definitely, programming will be a base skill for the future of humanity.

Introduction to programming with JavaScript

Acquire the knowledge to get started in web programming

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners in web development


  • Basic handling of text editor

What you will learn

  • Program with JavaScript for the web

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