Udemy Coupon: Database course (MySQL) from beginner to expert with 100% off

Databases are the lifeblood of many companies.

They are a collection of data that is organized in a very specific way and is served up to web and mobile applications.

The databases can be hosted on a central server, or they can be distributed across multiple computers.

The databases can contain any type of data, from simple lists of information such as first and last name to geolocation data and even genomic information.

The task of modeling and storing data falls to database administrators. The databases are pre-organized with tables and columns with rows.

Learning SQL is one of the fastest ways to improve your career possibilities!, since it is one of the most sought after technological skills!

The SQL MicroDegree 2021: from SQL basics to advanced SQL

Complete the MySQL Beginner Course to teach you everything you need to know about SQL programming.

Who is this course for?

  • Complete SQL beginners and aspiring data analysts
  • People interested in SQL development and business analysis
  • Job seekers who want to leverage their SQL skills


  • You will not need previous experience in SQL or programming

What you will learn

  • Enhance your resume by learning SQL skill on demand
  • Get started with MySQL, the number one database management system
  • Adopt professionally tested SQL best practices
  • Become a Proficient MySQL Workbench User
  • Learn how to answer specific business questions by using SQL aggregate functions
  • Become a proficient SQL user by writing flawless and efficient queries
  • Handle complex SQL joins with ease
  • Prepare for SQL Developer Career Opportunities, database administrator, business analyst and business intelligence
  • Cree, design and operate SQL databases

This course is free thanks to a coupon that you can find below. Take into account that these types of coupons last for a very short time.

If the coupon has already expired you can purchase the course with a great discount.

The estimated coupon end date is for the day 19-20 of March, but it can beat at any time.

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