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Website development has become a very popular job among programmers, mainly due to the great demand that exists and in addition to the fact that they are well paid.

To develop applications and websites, you must know several development technologies in addition to programming and design languages.

For example, PHP has been for many years the language par excellence to work on the backend of websites. Many applications and business sites are built with PHP which makes it a powerful and reliable language..

If we talk about databases, MySQL has been the database management system par excellence for many years, promoting both small and large projects.

It is not only used for web pages, but also for desktop software and applications.


On the whole, PHP and MySQL are a powerful combination for developing applications and websites.

Modern PHP web development with MySQL, GitHub y Heroku

Learn to develop data-driven web applications using PHP and MySQL, manage them with GitHub and implement them on Heroku

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone
  • Web developers who know HTML and CSS
  • Web developers with no PHP experience
  • Beginning PHP Developers


  • No previous computer or programming experience required.
  • You only need a computer

What you will learn

  • Configure Apache server using XAMPP server
  • Configure MySQL database using XAMPP server
  • Configure PHP environment using XAMPP server
  • Basic PHP syntax
  • Understand the role of PHP in web-based programming applications.
  • Build dynamic, data-driven web applications
  • How to manipulate data using PHP PDO
  • How to use Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • How to use GitHub for source code control
  • How to implement a web application using Heroku

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