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Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in recent years, where thanks to that popularity it has made a place as one of the most reliable and powerful languages ​​in the industry.

It is a relatively easy language to learn, and you can even master the basics in a weekend without much effort, that's why it's highly recommended for programming novices.

But do not be fooled, that it is an easy language to use and learn does not mean that it is not powerful, Python is designed to develop even complex systems using few lines of code.

In part it is due to the large number of libraries available, with which you can carry out an infinity of processes, as an example you can apply face detection with less than 8 lines of code.

What's more, Python is cross-platform and multi-paradigm, this means that you can work with it on multiple operating systems and apply object-oriented programming, functional, modular among others.

Learning Python is a skill that will help you in the future.

Complete Python and Python OOP with exercises and projects in 2021

Complete Guide to Python Programming Basics and Object Oriented Programming (UP) Python for Python programmers and encoders.

Who is this course for?

  • From beginners to Python programmers.
  • Beginning Python programmers who want to learn OOP from scratch.
  • Beginner Python programmers who master the basics of Python programming.
  • Beginner Python programmers who must learn to use Python IDES: IDLE, IPython (Jupyter Notebook), Pycharm .


  • Computer and Internet
  • No previous Python programming experience is required for this course.

What you will learn

  • Python IDES: how to download and install IDLE, IPython (Jupyter Notebook), Pycharm.
  • learn how to use the disabled Python interpreter on Udemy.
  • Learn to code in Python simply and easily.
  • Python Programming Basics from Scratch Made Easy and Simple.
  • Basic Python Object Oriented Programming from Scratch.
  • Python Advanced Object Oriented Programming.
  • Python samples and quizzes.
  • Projects to Master the Powerful Python Skills and Knowledge You'll Learn.

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