Udemy Coupon: Course in Spanish to prepare for the CISCO CCNA certification with 100% off

A complete understanding of all the concepts and topics you need to earn the most in-demand network certification today by passing the CCNA exam.

The main objective of the CCNA is for its applicants to obtain the necessary knowledge to create and manage a medium-sized network safely and efficiently.

To make it, Cisco bases its study on detailed analysis of each of the elements that make it up., ranging from the most basic notions to the most advanced protocols, starting with the most essential concept.

Redes CISCO | CCNA Certification 200-301

Simulator + 230 QUESTIONS + 6 Exams!!

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  • An in-depth understanding of Cisco features and functions.
  • Communications Fundamentals, the networks, protocols, switching technologies, converged network routing, as well as all aspects related to network security.
  • Knowledge about data networks, the integration of network infrastructure systems.
  • Skills and confidence to crush the ccna exam.
  • You can opt for the ccna certification (cisco certified network associate) thanks to the knowledge acquired.


  • Computer Networks
  • Cisco Switch Configuration
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Subnetting and IPv4
  • Initial configuration of Cisco routers
  • Routing protocols
  • Layer Security 3
  • Gateway Redundancy

Who is this course for?

  • University
  • IT Professionals Wanting a Comprehensive Resource on Cisco Network Theory and Troubleshooting
  • People who need to reinforce their knowledge to carry out the ccna certification

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