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We have all had the same doubt: How can I find my first job?

The basic recommendations are to have the basic knowledge for the area or position in which you will apply, research the target company well, have a portfolio of projects and a good curriculum.

But, even so, there are unwritten rules related to the job interview and the problems that every newbie can encounter when looking for their first job.

Not only is your knowledge worth, It also matters how you express yourself: from your body movements to the way you speak.

You're probably a programming genius, but maybe you are not good at expressing yourself verbally and that can be a problem for teamwork.

So it's time to prepare to find your first job successfully..

Finds, apply and have a successful job interview

Experiences, Tips and what you will find in a job interview. Find the job you are looking for.

It will show you what you will find in a job interview, the evaluations, questions and what is the best way to respond to different circumstances.

What you will learn here will be useful to get your first job, to change business or simply, because you are looking to change jobs.

I will share real cases with you, practices and something that you will only find here, our experience and support for your questions regarding the course content.

You will also learn the secrets of how to build your CV, your Linkedin profile and how to achieve a digital presence that allows job offers to find you.

Who is this course for?

  • People who are looking for their first job
  • People who want to look for a new job
  • Anyone who wants to change jobs, whether in a new area or simply wants to change companies


  • Basic PC Management
  • Have internet service

What you will learn

  • Tips for finding the job you are looking for
  • Optimize Linkedin
  • Boost your CV
  • Simulation of an interview
  • What you should and should not do in a job interview

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