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Created by Evan You, Vue.js is an open source progressive JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces (UI) and single page apps; it is commonly known as Vue.

This framework uses “high decoupling”, allowing developers to progressively create user interfaces (UI).

The popularization of libraries using a framework is common in frontend development. Both React and Angular have modularization.

But what differentiates Vue.js from other alternatives is its “high decoupling”, how easy it is to extend the functionalities and how well all parts work once more modules are included.

Build amazing Vue apps with JavaScript

Learn how to land the most in-demand role in the tech field today!!

Vue is an extremely popular user interface Javascript framework created for developing dynamic and interactive web applications..

Vue has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years and is poised to surpass even React and Angular as the king of all web frameworks..

Who is this course for?

  • You have some experience with JavaScript and are interested in what this language can do.
  • Has experience with frameworks / lenguajes backend, but now he also wants to enter the frontend world.
  • This course is for you if you want to create reactive applications, running in the browser.


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge required
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is assumed throughout the course.

What you will learn

  • Create amazing Vue JavaScript apps
  • Understand the theory behind Vue JavaScript and use it in real projects

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