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Python is a high-level interpreted programming language that is commonly used for web development.

Many big and important sites like Facebook, Yahoo and Youtube develop part of their modules with Python.

Python is a very popular language for web development due to its ease of use and the fact that it is an interpreted language and changes can be seen instantly., and not having to wait for compilation as with other languages

Python is also used to create interactive websites with frameworks like Django and Flask, which are the most popular for web development in Python.

Flask for beginners: create interactive real-world applications

Learn Flask from scratch step by step

Flask is a Python framework for creating lightweight and dynamic web applications. Helps speed up tedious behind-the-scenes development work, like url mapping, and offers more control to the developer to create applications.

This course provides the training and practical examples you need to get started quickly.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners to the flask
  • web developers
  • Beginners to programming


  • Basic knowledge of HTML | CSS | JAVASCRIPT
  • Python
  • Basic knowledge of Bootstrap
  • Basic knowledge of using the command line interface.

What you will learn

  • Create and run a simple Flask application
  • Create interactive Flask applications
  • Work with templates
  • Configure and connect to a database
  • Using GET and POST requests in FlaskData flow in Flask
  • Configure an API in Flask
  • Flask app templates with Bootstrap
  • Intermittent message
  • Creating routes for our applications
  • Pass data through forms
  • Implementation of sessions and cookies
  • Using conditionals and loops
  • Save application data to PostgreSQL database server
  • Configure your project with version control
  • Create a remote repository on Github
  • Implement your project in the cloud on heroku

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