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SQL is the data analysis tool most used by analysts and data scientists.

Most of the world's data is stored in databases, and learning SQL will allow you to access and analyze this data with ease.

SQL is a valuable tool for a wide range of roles in various industries: digital marketing specialists, engineers, product managers and more, they use SQL every day.

The ability to work with important data yourself with SQL enhances the value it will bring to any organization.

SQL is one of the most used and flexible languages, as it combines a surprisingly accessible learning curve with a complex depth that allows users to create advanced tools and dashboards for data analysis.

To create and interact with databases quickly, SQL has been adapted to a variety of proprietary tools, each with its own focus and niche, including popular MySQL, Microsoft Access y PostgreSQL.

SQL Masterclass: SQL for data analysis

SQL course covering basic and advanced SQL topics for SQL database (PostgreSQL). Clarify SQL Database for Beginners

Who is this course for?

  • Working professionals starting their data journey
  • Anyone curious to master SQL from beginner to advanced in no time
  • Students about to join their first corporate job


  • Just a PC with any web browser

What you will learn

  • Knowledge of all essential SQL commands
  • Become an expert in SQL tools like GROUP BY, JOINS y Subconsultas
  • Be proficient in using sorting and filtering commands in SQL
  • Master string functions, popular SQL math and timestamp
  • Improve your database performance by using views and indexes
  • Increase your efficiency by learning best practices while writing SQL queries
  • Relevant theoretical concepts are also covered to make you excel in BI and Vivas job interviews..
  • Solid knowledge of SQL

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