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Database management anddatabase programming is an essential need of all industries, Thus, almost all organizations need people with skills inDatabase management ofdata Ydatabase administration.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the famous relational database management systems (RDBMS) of the modern era.

You can find an online SQL Server course on the Internet, but this SQL course is designed for those students who want to learn database basics and improve their SQL query writing skills instantly.

This course will help you learnMicrosoft SQL Server instantly in a week, just remember that Database Design is ART that cannot be learned unless you do not possess sufficient knowledge of basic database concepts and knowledge of database development tools.

The SQL Beginner Course contains a lot of information to help you get a new job.

We are very confident that thisSQL tutorial for beginners will answer the most frequently asked question on how to become a database developer, how to learn SQL in minimal time.

After completing thisSQL training course, you will have sufficient knowledge of the following key areas that will provide you with a solid foundation to becomeDatabase Developer and Database Administrator (DBA).

What you will learn

  1.  What is RDBMS (management system relational database)?
  2. Understand and use databases
  3. Understand and use SQL with databases
  4. Famous RDBMS used in the modern era.
  5. Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio (database development tool)
  6. Introduction to mssql (microsoft sql server)
  7. Primary key, composite key and foreign key
  8. Structured Query Language Basics (SQL)
  9. Data model concepts (one by one, one to many, many to many)
  10. Step-by-step guide to install Microsoft SQL Server
  11. Step-by-step installation guide for theSQL Server database development tool, that is to say, SQL Server Management Studio
  12. create a database in Microsoft SQL Server
  13. Basic operations
  14. Apply data filters
  15. Insertion
  16. Update existing data in a table
  17. Delete data from a table
  18. DISTINCT record selection
  19. Types of SQL joins
  20. Defining aggregate functions
  21. COUNT
  22. MIN
  23. MAX
  24. SUM
  25. Different variations of the GROUP BY clause
  26. Uppercase and lowercase functions
  27. Substring function
  28. TOP keyword

You can find manyonline courses on SQL servers; Nevertheless, It istutorial course on SQL for beginners is designed for all those students who have less knowledge about databases. Therefore, we always consider it as ” training in SQL servers for beginners “.

Through online SQL learning, you can improve your skills. Keep in mind that you will have to practice what you learn during the SQL training course. What's more, thesql tutorial course it will also help you prepare for microsoft sql server database certifications.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with basic computer skills
  • Anyone who wants to learn SQL Server

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