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Is vision one of the senses we take for granted, It is not like this? Every day we get up in the morning and have a glass of water.

This process that can be natural and simple for everyone, it is thanks to the teamwork of our senses such as vision and touch.

But contrary to what we think, it is very difficult for a computer to carry out a movement as simple as the one mentioned above.

Computer vision is a scientific discipline that includes methods for acquiring, process and analyze real-world images in order to produce information that can be processed by a machine.

With it, it is possible to solve a wide variety of applications where abundant inspection and measurement components were previously needed..

Typical applications:

Some of its most characteristic uses are:

  • QA.
  • Classification.
  • Product counting.
  • Positioning
  • Rotation control.
  • Pick and place.

Computer vision with Python

Learn the latest techniques in computer vision with Python and OpenCV!!


Computer vision allows us to analyze and take advantage of image and video data, with applications in a variety of industries, including autonomous cars, social media apps, medical diagnostics and many more.

Who is this course for?

  • Python developers interested in machine vision and deep learning
  • BSC students, BCA, MCA, Btech, MSc and IT professionals
  • Anyone interested in Computer Vision or Artificial Intelligence


  • Access to a computer with an Internet connection.
  • Basic Python programming
  • Some programming experience
  • WebCam if you want to learn video streaming content
  • You must have installation permissions on the computer

What you will learn

  • Manipulate and open images with NumPy
  • Perform image manipulation with OpenCV, including smoothing operations, blur, threshold and morphological establishment.
  • Use OpenCV to work with image files
  • Draw shapes in images and videos with OpenCV

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