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Personal computers have come to power technological aspects of our daily lives.

In their origins they were more closed and only available to large companies, banks and research centers in addition that their high cost made it impossible to acquire them by the general public.

Fortunately over the years they have become more comfortable and easy to transport and their price has decreased to the point where anyone can purchase them..

What's more, offer computational capabilities that even years ago was hard to imagine.

Regarding operating systems, are the computer systems that are responsible for managing computer resources to be used by users.

Windows and Linux are the most popular operating systems thanks to their large market share and usability.


But maybe for a newbie it can be difficult to get the most out of these operating systems, If you are a newbie in this area, this course can help you.

Windows 10 and Linux Debian 10

You will learn from the basics to Servers of these two IT colossi

Linux and Windows are 2 GIANT operating systems in the IT world, Linux is the fastest growing in the world, meanwhile Windows is the Giant of the desktops

In this course you will learn about these 2 impressive Operating Systems.

Who is this course for?

  • IT students
  • Teachers
  • Programmers
  • Systems Analysts


  • Desire to learn

What you will learn

  • Windows 10
  • Work with the Linux Terminal and its commands from the most basic to the advanced

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