Software development: Agile Tools

When we work on a project it is very important to carry out a documentation of this, for this there are agile methodologies.

These are a set of tasks and procedures which are directed to project management.

We refer to those development methods that allow us to evolve both needs and solutions, through teamwork which must have, communication, discipline, autonomy, evolutionary and flexible development.

Below we bring you an Agile Tools Manual that will help you to find the best solutions to the problems that may arise in the development process of your project..


  • Introduction, San Saru: natural selection of equipment
  • Integration of practices for launching software projects
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Elaboration of user stories focused on behavior
  • OnBoarding techniques for knowledge management
  • SHU-HA-RI: A Learning Model
  • Continuous Discovery: Validation of ideas for the Backlog
  • Effective Practices to Apply in Meetings (In) efficient
  • Introduction to Visual Management
  • Triangular Document Review
  • head: Express feedback session, Improvement Kata
  • Guardian of a team with multiple assignments
  • Coding Dojo: training technique
  • Automation through Git hooks
  • Code versioning, configuration and environments

This manual offers a lot of interesting techniques geared towards your projects or organization.. In addition to the fact that each topic is independent of the other, so you can read it at your choice.

What are you waiting for?! You can download or view it in this link, or in the button below.

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