Domestic 3×2: Choose 3 courses and get one as a gift

Does your creativity want more? Choose 3 courses and take your passion even further with design, developing, programming and much more. Limited time offer! Until the 29 of March (Included).

Domestika is one of the largest creative communities.

Since it has millions of professionals with different creative profiles, they interact in a network and share their work and knowledge.

His approach, is that you learn different skills related to creativity. All its courses are designed for all the professions that are most in demand today.

Course topics

  • Illustration.
  • Marketing and Business.
  • Photography and video.
  • Design.
  • 3D and Animation.
  • Craft.
  • Technology.
  • Calligraphy and Typography.
  • Architecture and Spaces.

Each of the courses are designed so that you can take them at your own pace, you can watch the lessons over and over again so you can review as you like.

You only need the Internet and the desire to learn.

In recent years, Domestika has grown exponentially, thank you that new courses are added every day.

Unlike other platforms where your content is not of quality, Domestika has a demanding process towards each of its instructors.

Are you registered?

Before everything, sign up on your platform, It's free!

1.- Enter this link.

2.- creat your account. You can register with Facebook or enter your email, a password and your date of birth, that's all.

What should I do?

If you are interested in the offer of 3×2 you must follow these steps:

1.- Enter this link.

2.- You will see a screen like the following:

Domestic 3×2. 33% off

3.- Choose 3 courses that interest you the most. You have a great repertoire of them.

4.- Touch or click the buy button and process your order.

5.- Add your payment method, which can be by credit card or Paypal and voila!

6.- Once your payment has been confirmed, You can now access the content of each of the courses you chose.

Domestic Pro

This is a "Pro" service offered by the site, with great benefits.

  1. 20% Additional Discount. It can be combined with other discounts.
  2. Certificates of Attendance to the Courses. They have the signature of the course teacher and are perfect to enrich your CV and / or LinkedIn Profile.
  3. Open courses. Every month, you will find open courses where you can see all the lessons for free.
  4. Personalized Attention. Solve all your doubts.

The price of Pro, is generally in 48 USD, but today 27 March has a discount of more than half.

So we recommend you check the price here.

I just want to buy a course

If you are not interested or you were late to the promotion of 3×2 from Domestika and want to purchase a course, we give away a coupon from 10% off.

Remember that if you have Domestika Pro, you have a 20% extra extra discount.

A Great Choice

So now you know, Domestika unlike other course platforms, does not offer free courses (unless you have purchased "Pro"), but the ones it offers are very cheap, each of the instructors are experts in the topics you will see. In addition, their certifications can be used to enrich your CV and / or LinkedIn Profile..

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Domestika offers expire until the end of 29 of March.

Jesus Amaro

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