Master artificial intelligence with Python in this free course available in Spanish

Artificial intelligence is the “pop” fashion among developers, in addition to companies that continually want to improve their products and services with it.

You could imagine that there are a lot of online resources in addition to universities that already teach artificial intelligence classes for their students.. In addition to also various companies offer free courses for their own employees.

One of the favorite programming languages ​​to start in the world of artificial intelligence is Python, and i will tell you why. Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn, its clear and simple syntax allows you to write even the most complicated algorithms in an easy and orderly way.

In addition, Python offers you a large number of libraries available for different purposes (HE, data mining, artificial vision, PLN and more) with which you can easily implement intelligence algorithms and apply them in your projects.

You should not only learn to work with it, but you must also learn everything that its use implies during the next decade, with which you will acquire a greater understanding of everything that surrounds you.

The course "Cooking Artificial Intelligence with Python" developed by NanoClases takes you into the development of Artificial Intelligence with Python from a practical point of view.


This course aims to prepare anyone interested to understand the possibilities and challenges that this next decade of 2020-2030 the application of technologies, based on Artificial Intelligence (HE). Each nanoclass in the course lasts approximately 1 hour.


The course consists of 14 lessons, each lasting one hour.

  • Course introduction
  • Python's kitchen
  • Python's Kitchen utensils
  • The Python Pantry
  • Python's cooking processes
  • Iterative Cooking Processes in Python
  • Cooking text strings in Python
  • Python Cookbooks
  • Python external pantries
  • My recipe book
  • Object detection with Artificial Intelligence
  • The Numpy Recipe Book
  • The Matplotlib Cookbook
  • The Pandas Recipe Book

How do I sign up?

Mainly you have to register on the NanoClases platform with a user and an email. When you register, instructions will be sent to your email to activate your account..

Once your account is activated you will be able to access all the content of the course. You will likely receive a notification about purchasing a package, but it won't be necessary to continue.

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