The US National Security Agency. UU offers a course to learn to program in Python

Cybersecurity is a very important field today with the large amount of private information stored in the cloud.

Anyone in this field knows that it is always better to develop your own vulnerability search and analysis tools., and this is where python comes in, Yes OK, not the strongest language in this field, its simplicity has given it a great push in this area.

We know that anyone can learn from numerous online sources how to program in Python, but it is always important to identify the best.

With this in mind the NSA created its own Python learning material and even encourages the public to search for it..

Chris Swenson is a software engineer, who submitted a request to the NSA under his Freedom of Information Act right.

Said Law allows any citizen to access public documents that had not previously been published. Here, Swenson obtained the material and made it a full digital copy.

I scan most of the document and use OCR to find the most important information.

leisurely pace, for instance during a weekly brown bag lunch.” Further, “If you don’t know any programming languages yet, Python is a good place to start. If you already know a different language, it’s easy to pick Python on the side. Python isn’t entirely free of frustration and confusion, but hopefully, you can avoid those parts until long after you get some good use out of Python.”

Says the NSA about the Python course

There does not appear to be anything classified in the documents, containing sessions of course material that would take between 45 Y 90 minutes to complete in a classroom setting.

The course with the COMP code 3321 can be completed in a “two week full time block” with 10 modules covered per week.

The NSA also suggests that the material could be taught to a “slower pace, for example, during a weekly lunch” for several months or even during a three-day workshop.

To be able to download the files, you can do it through the following buttons (by means of download):

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