Symbolic value

Human beings are sociable beings who love to communicate. The funny thing about communication between us is that while we listen, the language, gestures and attitudes also communicate an infinity of ideas to us; in the same way that language communicates to us, symbols do.

What is symbolic value?

Ability to convey ideas, that is to say; THINGS ARE WORTH MORE FOR WHAT THEY MEAN THAN FOR WHAT THEY ARE.

“Most of the time people don't know what they want, until you show it to him” – Steve Jobs –

In marketing this must be known, as, people are more willing to pay for an object with high symbolic value than for the characteristics of the product.

Symbolic value and marketing.

The main concern for marketing managers is to understand what the product or service means in the consumer's brain and in their collective unconscious., in this way the product will be so valuable to the lives of your customers that the price will be irrelevant.

For example; a clock tells the time, but nowadays it could be considered a luxury item, looking at it from the functional part, the time is already found in many items that we use during the day (PC, phone and cell) then, the symbolic value of a watch is status.

Chevrolet's blow to Nissan.

Beyond the usefulness of the product or service and answering the question What can you provide to your market? I leave you this other example;

The 8 from December to 2015, a woman from Sonora lost her truck, but lacking a photo he asks for help on Facebook by publishing a drawing of his Pick up.

The most amazing, is that he found her.

Nissan directors surely commented on the power Chevrolet gave their brand, the meaning of your product and its value in the lives of your customers.

That is why brands always seek to generate a superior symbolism despite what the object itself means..

Consumer behavior.

How to discover these symbols and the power they have in people is a task that is not difficult, but it demands dedication. That is why marketing managers must “to live” on the streets and not behind an office to understand this behavior.

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