Essentials for programming: Algorithms and data structures

This book is aimed at all those university students who are starting their engineering career. Since they are the ones who must enter into the management of the discipline's own resources without orienting themselves to any particular language.

The purpose of this book, is to broaden the perspective so that in their professional life they can not only implement programs in the classic programming languages, but also acquire the skills and competencies to handle all the new software tools that, in many cases, allow you to optimize your performance by developing special macro instructions.

That is why the authors have decided to treat the concepts in a way that is not very extensive and that is the easiest way for the reader to understand.

As a didactic purpose, represent the algorithms in some cases with pseudocode and in others, with flow chart or with both types of representations.


  1. Informatic introduction
  2. Programming Techniques: Organization of Actions
  3. Description of selective and repetitive structures
  4. Selective and repetitive structures analyzed since their use.
  5. Sub-Algorithms.
  6. Data structures.
  7. Ordering, Search and Collation.
  8. Data structures: Records.
  9. Representation of Information on a Computer.

The book consists of nine chapters. In which it begins with an introduction to the algorithmic resources from the basic concepts, through the organization of actions according to the structured programming technique and the implementation of sub-algorithms.

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