EmuOS: Classic Free Games on the Web

The function of this website is to emulate on Windows 95, Windows 98 o Windows ME, a great variety of classic games in the browser. The entire page is emulated in JavaScript, which allows it to flow in an excellent way and in any browser.


Choose the Windows at your convenience.

Choice of Topic

Once you have selected the operating system that you like the most, you will find a great variety of icons with classic games ready for use.

Among the games we can find titles like: Minecraft, Doom, Geometry Dash, Pac-Man, Half-Life, among others.

Classic game content

You just have to double click on the game in which you want to have fun and that's it.. It should be noted that the performance of the games depends on your computer, so you will have to have a good processor, usually works with most.

To access this great classic game emulator, just go to the following link. Or also from the button that you will find below.

Source: ADSLZone

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