In a very square world: Monterrey school teaches architecture in Minecraft

In these days of quarantine it is sought that classes continue as normal as possible, one of the options is online classes, either on platforms dedicated to it or by video calls, where it is sought to continue with distance learning.

But there are certain subjects with which it is difficult to give explanations through a video, said be this, we find a somewhat peculiar publication of a school in Monterrey, in Mexico, who taught a class on the popular block game: Minecraft.

students posing in front of the camera

As part of the Materials class 2, given by Professor and Architect Adriana Díaz Marchetti, last Wednesday 13 of May, the students carried out an activity and practice using digital elements such as Minecraft, an open world construction video game, to develop the embankments of a project.

In the challenge, the students were given a field full of herbs and trees, which they had to clean and level to create the required embankments according to the project that is provided to each one.

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The teacher mentioned that she will continue to seek to use and implement platforms and resources of this type so that the experience of her students in class is the best possible..

Although a bit weird, it is interesting to see the new solutions that some teachers present to mix teaching, with current and popular tools among young people.

As part of the Materials class 2, given by Professor and Architect Adriana Díaz Marchetti, el pasado

Posted by Escuela de Arquitectura Arte y DiseñoCampus Monterrey onFriday, May 15, 2020

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