This is the CASIO calculator in which it is possible to program in Python

We have all needed the help of calculators, either to perform basic accounts or for more specific calculations.

The advancement of technology has meant that we can have them in our pocket thanks to applications on our smartphone, but there are situations where it is still necessary to have the specific benefits that only a conventional calculator offers.

CASIO is a leader in the development of calculators and has offered increasingly innovative models in terms of their use and presentation, and this time we will talk about a calculator that has the option to program in Python.

The fx-9860GIII features a Hitachi SH4A processor a 29 Mhz (half that of CG50), a backlit display of identical resolution 64 x 128 con V.P.A.M. (8 lines x 21 columns), more of 2.900 available functions and operation with 4 AAA batteries.

The fx-9860GIII has 64K of RAM of which slightly more than 60K are usable for programming, and the 3 MB of Flash memory which is where addins or user files are installed.

(USB Power Graphic 3)
Dimensions18,7mm X 83,5mm X 175,5mm
Weight with batteries180g
Autonomy230-300 hours
Memory (FlashROM/RAM)3MB. / 62.000 bytes
USB port2

What's more, this model has a USB connection cable to the computer, and the jack cable to connect one calculator to another.

But what is most striking about this CASIO model is that, as in some previous models, the Python programming language is included., or rather, one of its variants called micropython.

The MicroPython port in version 1.9.4.

It has v.p.a.m (Visually Perfect Algebraic Method), this means that the fractions, integrals or roots are represented as on paper, making reading more comfortable.

This type of calculator is more oriented to a scientific or calculus area than to standard programming., therefore we do not recommend that you buy it just to program.

Although if you have the possibility and sufficient knowledge in Micropython maybe you can play a little with it, or maybe install DOOM.

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