We are playing to be gods: Have installed windows 10 on a calculator

We know Microsoft wants us all to move to Windows 10 and makes us appear even in the soup, but install windows 10 in a calculator it is already something extreme, they do not believe?

@imbushuo on Twitter is the profile of the person on Twitter who has shown that you canrun windows 10 on a graphing calculator, although we do not really know if it will work at all because it has not shown the total process.

AHP Prime graphing calculator that was previously modified to be able to install Windows 10 IoT Core. This version of the operating system is focused to work on small devices without a screen such as thermostats, Smart Hubs, electronic locks and now one also a graphing calculator.

The developer has shown the installation process on his Twitter account, although it has not yet finished. At first when you tried to run Windows 10 IoT Core in the graphing calculator, A curious error appeared and he did not know how to get out of it due to the resolution of the screen.

After another series of modifications that has not been revealed, user managed to access Windows boot manager 10 IoT Core. At the moment it is unknown if he has managed to run this version of Windows at full throttle 10 on the graphing calculator, or stayed on the initial screen.

In any case, it is curious to see how a graphing calculator of these proportionsand with only 256 MB de RAM, has been able to host a Windows operating system 10 of these characteristics.

And with this news, someone wants to try to install windows 10 in a refrigerator? I say so this time it freezes in style, badum, tsss….

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