These universities offer you free online courses and careers in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining

Thinking of studying in any of thetop universities in the world can sometimes be a difficult goal to realize due to a wide variety ofsocial factors, economic and personal. Nevertheless, some of these educational institutions have made available ahuge number of free online courses, many of them, related withtechnology.

Oxford University, UK

Consideredthe best university of the world by the magazineTimes Higher Education, this school offers options related toMarketing digital through a course forbeginners, where the basic concepts of this subject are taught, as well asonline media strategies.

An option that is presented as highly relevant for theActual trends is that ofDeep Learning. In the case of Oxford, this is oriented to study theambiguitiesinherent to human communication with the aim of developing systems of iartificial intelligence more effective. This course is available atGithub, but to access it, a registration must be carried out.

Consider the best university in the world, the one in Oxford, in the United Kingdom, offers courses related to current trends. (Photo: Archive)

Stanford University, U.S

This educational center offers a relevant option related to theMachine Learning, which is one of themost important areas for the future, as it will be important for the development of, for example, autonomous cars, text recognition and effective searches on the web. This course is renewed from time to time and has editions throughout the year.

TheMassive data mining it can also be asignificant knowledge for the activities of the future and that is why in theonline courses from this school, interested parties are introduced to file systems from theknowledge of algorithms, with the purpose ofextract models and information from large data sets.

On the other hand, the same school has a course where people can learn aboutmodern artificial intelligence basics, as well as some applications that are currentlyrepresentative of this technology. What's more, the same school has a course focused on the subject, but with a greater concentration on theirapplications in robotics.


If you talk about technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH, for its acronym in English) could not be missing in this count. While it offers a host of free options, some of the most interesting are related toComputer Science and Python Programming, because they have one from which, thepeople without knowledge can learn todevelop programs in order to solve useful problems.

En el Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH) courses are given on computational thinking and data science, as well as to analyze data to interpret social problems. (Photo: Wikipedia)

After this course, you can also take one that could be considered thesequel, well it's about pcomputational training and data science. To access it, it is important to mention it, is requiredprevious Python experience in order to create solutions in order to implement them incommon computer problems.

They also have a course whose purpose is to develop thecritical thinkingof people, because it is a matter ofData analysis for social scientists, where they are taught the methods to take advantage of and analyze the data with which they caninterpret different types of problems of charactersocial, political, economic and even cultural.

Harvard University, U.S

One of the most relevant educational institutions in the US to the world offers a courseintroductory Technology and is aimed at those students whothey are not considered "IT people". What's more, After completing it, you get a certification ofHarvard.

Another of the introductory classes offered by this school is related to thevideo games development. During this class, Those interested will learn the basics of 2D and 3D video game design, fromextremely important examples in the history of these digital interactions asSuper Mario Bros.Pokémon or even more current titles likeAngry Birds.

Although many of the courses are in English, having access to educational options of this quality can become a motivation to expand the horizons of the mind and learn new languages. (Photo: Archive)

Taking into account that theprogrammingis one of the activities that all people should know how to do to change theirway of understanding the world, Harvard also has a course available to the public to learn tohandle platforms like Python or JavaScrpit.

National Autonomous University of Mexico

InLatin AmericaThere are also relevant options to equip people with technological knowledge without spending a single peso. One of them is theONE, institution that offers some courses to learn about thecomputer language basics and learn toprogram in Java.

Another of the courses that are extremely attractive for young people is the one focused onRobotics, because in this one aimmersion in the world of mechanics, electronics and programming without the need to ownprevious knowledge. What's more, it is expected that at the end of the course they will have created their own robot, which can be controlledfrom a mobile device.

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