This is the smallest computer that exists and that also runs with Linux

When we hear about small computers, Raspberries come to mind, those boards to which you can install an operating system and carry out various projects that are perfect when you need a small space and great functionality. But there are other options that are even smaller..

VoCore2 Mini Linux, a GNU / Linux computer that is tiny. Right now, you can get one with mini screen for 69 Dollars.

Functioning like a computer and a toy, this little machine has endless use cases. You can choose to use it as a VPN gateway to protect your network, a private cloud to store your essential data, a personal assistant or a streaming music station. You can even connect a USB webcam to transform it into a home security camera.

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If you decide to improve its functions, just add a little bit of C, Java, Python, Ruby or JavaScript to get started. You can find this sweetie in the store Mashable.


Size: height 3.8 cms. x 2.3 cms. width
CPU: MT7628, 580 MHz, MIPS 24K
Memory: 128MB, DDR2, 166MHz
Storage: 16M NOR onboard, supports SDXC up to 2TB
Wireless: 802.11n, 2T2R, speed up to 300Mbps
Antenna: 1 ranura U.FL, 1 built-in antenna
Ethernet: 1 puerto, up to 100Mbps
USB: supports USB 2.0, hasta 480MBit/s
PCIe 1.1: supported (optional)
GPIO: >=40 (pinmux)
UART: x3 (UART2 for debug console)
PWM: x4
A / D conversion: 4 channels
D / A conversion: 1 channels
Play audio: compatible (connector 3,5 mm)
Audio recording: medium (jack de 3.5mm)
Debug console: USB2TTL (micro USB, for power supply and console)
Shell incluida
Power supply: 3.6V ~ 5.5V, 500mA
Energy consumption: 74mA Wi-Fi standby, 230mA Wi-Fifull speed, 5V input
VoCore2 display
Size: 97mm x 58mm
Display: 4 inches
Interface: USB 2.0 480MHz
Colors: 24bit, 16bit, 8bit
Resolution: 800 x 480
Frames per second: 24 (color of 24 bits), 30 (color of 16 bits)
Touchpad is not supported
Conductor: Framebuffer
Feeding: micro USB 5.0V
Energy consumption: normally 0,5 watts

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