These are the best programming and database courses in Spanish

Programming is a very large area and sometimes difficult to learn. It is normal to rely on tutorials, courses and videos to learn.

There are many learning resources on the internet, some free and some paid, but it is always important to choose those that really provide good learning.

Many say that good costs, and it's true, Usually the courses that offer a high quality of learning are those that are paid. But it is not necessary to shell out large amounts on these courses.

At Facialix we are aware of that, and this time we bring you a list of the, what do we consider, best programming courses.

A good programming course must be in Spanish and with a certificate that validates what has been learned.

Each of the courses listed here has a certificate of completion, besides that they are in Spanish.

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We start with the most popular, Python. This language is everywhere, mainly in artificial intelligence, and that is why many want to learn it.

With thousands of modules available, a great community of developers and great support from tech companies, Python is a programming language everyone should learn.

We recommend the course “Learn Python Programming” of the great Alejandro Miguel Taboada Sanchez (F in the comments). To obtain the course, click on the following button:


Hated by many, and loved by so many others, Java is a programming language that if or if it should be among your skills.

Java's motto is “schedule it once, run it wherever you want” and good, we can find many programs developed in java on many platforms.

For example, if you want to develop in Android natively you must know java. We recommend the course of “Learn Java Programming (from Basic to Advanced)


C # is another of the programming languages ​​that every programmer must master. It is ideal for creating fast and reliable desktop applications.

Whether you want to create business software or a simple point of sale, C # is ideal for any project.

The Facialix team recommends the course of “Basic C # programming from scratch” with which you can master this language.

To obtain the course, click on the following button:


Old but not obsolete, C is a somewhat difficult programming language to master if you choose it as your first programming language.

But if you are brave enough to do it, after C any other language will be easy to understand.

We recommend the course of “Learn the basics of programming from scratch in C“. You can get it by clicking on the following button:


Another of the programming languages ​​with some difficulty is C ++. For many, how difficult is memory management that can be a headache for novice programmers.

But fear not, help arrived with the course “Learn C ++ Programming (Basic – Intermediate – Advanced)” that we recommend you with great enthusiasm.

To obtain the course, click on the following button:


MySQL y SQL Server

We were going to recommend a course for each technology but we are sure that the following course will help you learn about the two most popular databases.

At Facialix we recommend the course “MySQL and SQL Server database from scratch full stack

To obtain the course, click on the following button:

Disclaimer: Some courses may include an affiliate link. The courses were chosen first based on the methodology with affiliate links that were only added after the ranking was completedaction.

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