Fundamentals of Programming: Training

It's time to learn the basics of programming with this manual. Which contains exercises that will help you study about algorithms, control structures, storage, among others.


  1. Computer architecture
  2. Information coding
  3. Programming languages, compilers and interpreters, and development environments
  4. Sequential algorithms
  5. Alternative control structures
  6. Iterative control structures
  7. Vectors and Strings: One-dimensional homogeneous storage structures
  8. Matrices: Homogeneous multidimensional storage structures
  9. Records: Heterogeneous storage structures
  10. Functions and modularity
  11. File storage
  12. Pointers and dynamic data structures

Besides that at the end of this manual you will have final exercises, where with the knowledge acquired you will have to answer them and with it see your results.

You can view or download the manual in the button below, and remember, it's totally free.

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