Google 2021: Scholarships, events and internship offers for young students

Google is one of the largest and most famous technology companies in the world. We all use or have used some of your products or services.

What's more, Google also offers many free Learning resources that year after year help thousands of students to learn in today's new technologies..

Thus, many students aspire to be able to work at Google or to continue studying under the teaching and support of this great company.

Year after year Google launches scholarships and internship options with them. Here we bring you the complete list.

It should be clarified that some of them have already finished the previous year and are waiting to open calls again, so set your calendar and keep waiting.

The "Build your Future" Program with Google is aimed at recruiting young talents who want to develop professionally in an area of ​​innovation and new technologies and have the following categories available:

- Scholarships and travel grants: aim to support and inspire students to pursue careers in technologyhere.

- Internships + in Engineering and Technology: Software Engineering, UX, product management and more. Consult available practices here.

- Events: from campus visits to conferences, symposiums to networks and more. Consultation here.

- Programs:  from CSSI to BOLD Immersion to prepare for a future in business or computer science, and more, here.

- Means: playlists, technical development resources and other material. Read morehere.

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