Google 2021: New free machine learning courses, Cloud, big data and more

Google offers a free course for people looking for container skills, big data and machine learning models on Google Cloud.

The initial batch of courses consists of four tracks aimed at data analysts, cloud architects, data scientists and machine learning engineers.

The January course 2021 provides a quick way to understand the key tools that engineers and architects can use on Google Cloud.

Includes a series on getting started on Google Cloud, another focused on your BigQuery data warehouse, one that delves into the Kubernetes engine for managing containers, another for the Anthos application management platform and a final chapter on Google's standard interfaces for natural language processing. and computer vision AI.

Participants must register with the “skill challenge” from Google and will have free access for 30 days to Google Cloud labs.

The free offer is aimed at people who are new to Google Cloud and helps them become familiar with the terminology and concepts behind the core infrastructure, how to write shell commands in the cloud, deploy virtual machines and run applications on Kubernetes.

In order to join the courses and review the necessary requirements, we invite you to follow the following link:

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