Google: Free intensive Machine Learning course in Spanish

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it is of great importance to get to know her and work on her side.

Software developers have been in awe of new milestones in artificial intelligence that threatens to automate tasks that are currently being developed by programmers..

Focusing on the good, artificial intelligence is a great field to develop new skills and earn big income along the way. Therefore it is important to start learning.

This course 15 hours is made up of 25 lessons complemented by videos with Google researchers and offers both real success stories and practice exercises (more of 40).

It aims to answer questions such as

  • How is machine learning different from traditional programming?
  • How should I represent my data so that a program can learn from it?
  • How do I create a deep neural network?

The intensive machine learning course does not presuppose or require any prior knowledge of machine learning.

Nevertheless, to understand the concepts presented and complete the exercises, We recommend that students meet the following prerequisites:

  • You must be comfortable with variables, linear equations, function graphs, histograms and statistical means.
  • You should be a good programmer. Ideally, should have some experience programming inPython because the programming exercises are in Python. Nevertheless, seasoned programmers with no Python experience can usually complete the programming exercises anyway.

Course data

  • Certificate: No
  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • In Spanish: Yes

To obtain the course, click on the following button:

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