Google has launched a free and certified mobile app development course

These days of staying home, a good option is to learn and develop new knowledge. We have multiple courses available, some free and some paid. But this time we bring you a mobile application development course offered by Google through its Google Activate program.

Google Activate is a platform that was born with the aim of facilitating access not only to knowledge but also to training, to entrepreneurship and the professional world.

In Google Get active, you can have access to free courses, face-to-face and online, in digital skills, as well as information that will allow you to optimize the way in which you present yourself to a job offer and resources to start your own entrepreneurial project.

The course is named Mobile Apps Development Course in this course of seeks to learn the basic skills and concepts to create applications for mobile devices.

This course introduces you to the essential principles that should inspire the creation of these applications, and thus focus its design and programming well from the beginning.

The main characteristics of the course are:

  • 8 modules
  • 40 hours of content
  • beginner level
  • Free!!!

If you complete all the modules you can obtain your certificate.

All modules are geared towards the novice programmer, taught by excellently qualified instructors.

If you want to access the course you can do it on here

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