Guide for the Development of Applications for Mobile Devices

If you are learning or want to learn about the development of applications made in Android Studio for mobile devices, the following guide is for you.

The great exponential of smartphones and tablets have led to the increase in the creation of software with the development of mobile applications.

One of the great operating systems that lead the development, it's android, which has set a pace in the standardization of the different types of mobile application development.

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The following guide belongs to the University of Alicante, Spain. Which was made by Diego Hernando and Miguel Lozano. And its main objective is that you learn what is necessary to create applications for mobile devices.


  1. Laboratory Guide
  2. Introduction to the Java Language
  3. Data Collections
  4. Error handling
  5. Threads
  6. Data Serialization

The guide contains definitions of each of the concepts of object-oriented programming, as well as code samples for a better understanding.

Besides that it is made for the MacOs operating system, but there is not much difference of installation in Windows, since the programming language for mobile application development is Java.

You can view or download the laboratory guide in this link or with the button below.

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