Halo Cursed: A mod that turns every aspect of the game into something random and unpredictable

With the upcoming arrival of Halo Infinite, fans of the saga are more and more eager to play the new installment of Halo with a new story and new game modes.

In what comes, we set out to find some interesting mods about halo, and we ran into one called “Halo Cursed”, which claims to be a pretty chaotic mod.

This mod takes the deadly and accurate “Halo dance” and flips it completely on its head, turning Combat Evolved into nothing but complete bizarre mayhem that's hilarious and irritating at the same time. Here's a look at what precisely the mod does, as well as how you can experience it for yourself.

What does the mod?

In a nutshell, Halo's Cursed mod converts every weapon, vehicle and enemy in the game into something useless, dominated, extremely unpredictable or just plain silly.

For example, Enemy Banshees flap their wings like birds as they fly, and many Grunts and Elites don pink armor and shoot heat seeking hearts from their Pistols and Plasma Rifles.

Grenades have random explosions; sometimes, harmless confetti will come out of them, while other times, they will explode with the force of a thousand suns.

Many of the things that the mod changes are things that remain constant throughout the game., like the new behaviors that weapons and vehicles have.

While the occasional random element can make it difficult to come up with a plan, you can master most of what Cursed Halo throws at you if you put in the effort and are willing to abandon traditional Halo habits.

How to download and play Cursed Halo

Cursed HaloSource: Windows Central

To play Cursed Halo, the first thing you should do is get a copy of Halo: Custom Edition, which is a version of original Combat Evolved that allows modifications.

The game can no longer be officially downloaded, but you can get it here (the legality of this is unclear, but no one has gotten in trouble with Microsoft for this).

Once you download it, unzip the file and then run the setup program. When prompted for the password, you can use the one from this steam forum : product keys for Halo: Custom Edition have unlimited uses, so don't worry if it is invalid.

Finally, you will need to select an installation path for the game. The default is C: \ Program files (X86) \ Microsoft Games \ Halo Custom Edition.

Once the game is installed, you will need to patch it to Version 1.10. You can do it by downloading the patchhere , unzipping the files and running the patch application. Will automatically wear your Halo: Custom Edition to Version 1.10.

These are the mod files you need to move to the game folder, as well as the default location of the game folder.

The last step is to install the mod itself, which is easy. You will need to download the mod files here and then unzip them. From there, select all files and drag them to your Halo games folder: Custom edition, which will be located where you installed the game. Once this is done, it's ready!

Source: windowscentral

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