Harvard: Free Data Science Course with Python for Beginners

Companies in every industry around the world are always looking for data science personnel to help them gain big data insights.

Hiring experts are constantly looking for staff with high programming skills, data mining, statistical modeling, etc.

Previous requirements

(only if using Python off the curso), fundamental knowledge of how data science libraries work.

About the course :

This data science course offered by Harvard is not on a platform like edX or Coursera and does not provide any certification.

This might be one of the best beginner courses to get started with data science and it's completely free..

The course contains a list of videos, lecture slides, lab videos and notebook and is an intensive program of 13 weeks that the course content concludes: (Listed in order of course chronology)

  • Web Scraping, regular expressions, data reshaping, data cleaning, pandas.
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Pandas, SQL and data grammar
  • Statistical models
  • Storytelling and effective communication
  • Bias and regression (with more regression)
  • Classification, k-nearest neighbors, cross validation, dimensionality reduction, PCA, MDS
  • SVM, Evaluation
  • Decision trees and random forests
  • Joint methods and best practices
  • Best practices and recommendations
  • MapReduce, Spark
  • Teorema de Bayes, Bayesian methods and text data
  • Grouping
  • Effective presentations
  • Experimental design
  • Deep networks
  • Invited conference: Building data science

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  1. Hello, I am interested in the data science course in a Python. I am a student of Scientific Computing at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, here , in Peru.

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