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This course is aimed at those interested in learning about Mobile / Cellular Telephony, from an equipment repair and maintenance point of view.

Course content

The course will be taught by Walter Gastón Suazo Lezcano, Technical.

Hello, I am Walter Suazo and I have a track record of 15 years of computer technician and cell phone repair. I want to share my knowledge with you and I welcome you to my courses. I am sure that my technical experience in computers and cell phones will be very useful to you..

Walter Lezcano

The objective of the course is to obtain the basic knowledge to enter the field of repair of Cellular equipment This course is aimed at people without prior knowledge of the subject or for those who want to expand their knowledge in an area of ​​great demand, knowledge ranges from the most basic to the most advanced options.

Walter Lezcano

Now we also add Flashing – Unlocking and more phones and new tricks.

Walter Lezcano

Be part of more than 431 students enrolled in this course with an assessment of 4.9/5 stars.

Course content

This course has a total of 128 videos,  divided between the main topics that you will see below:

  • The Hardware Of The Devices
  • Flashing – Release – Unlocks – Applications Etc…
  • High-end Phone & Tablet Repairs + Flashing Release Operating Systems And Others. (Mix)
  • Tablets Advanced Classes
  • Basic Repair Course Update
  • Basic Bonus Track Software Course Update (Gift)

Its approximate total duration is 24 hours.

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