Huawei: Get new international certifications in artificial intelligence and cloud architecture for free

In technology, getting a job can be relatively easy or difficult. Year after year new professionals oriented to these areas are generated, while new jobs are increasingly being released driven by the development of new technologies.

Then, How can I easily get a job in the area of ​​technology? The basic answers are always keep in constant update of knowledge, carry out your own projects to have a presentable portfolio and seek certifications.

With certifications the process is easier, since as its name indicates it can be a document that certifies (the guarantee) your knowledge of a certain language, architecture, etc.

Certifications are welcomed by companies, as it is a way to ensure the prior knowledge of your potential employees.

But not all certifications are valid, for example, On the internet there are many platforms that offer courses or study plans where at the end they give you a document that "certifies" that you have passed the course.

It goes without saying that these certificates lack a curricular value and are more similar to recognitions or diplomas that you can hang on the wall.. Although the knowledge learned can be of great help to you.

The true certifications are those given by leading companies in the industry (CISCO and Microsoft are some examples) where through learning resources and exams you can test your knowledge in certain areas.

These certifications have a greater “weight” as they come from recognized companies than those given by online platforms.. These companies have a higher quality of teaching and by issuing their certifications they carry the prestige of their brand.

On the internet we can find a large number of certifications, and although most of them are paid, there are so many free. Eye, that it is a free certification does not mean that it is worthless.

Many companies offer free certifications as a support for the platforms or tools that they release to the market..

All this being a win-win matter for them by investing in their potential employees or users.


One of these companies is HUAWEI, which together with its HUAWEI CLOUD platform offers various free certifications in areas of technology such as: Cloud architecture, Artificial intelligence.

According to HUAWEI, to carry out your free certifications it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge, but it is recommended to enter with the basic knowledge to carry them out.

The certification exams are in English language and you can take all the certifications that are available.

The process to obtain the certifications is simple, you must first go to the HUAWEI CLOUD platform (link at the end of the post) and start the registration process.

How do I take the certification exam?

First, you must bear in mind that in the certification exam, scores are obtained depending on the topics covered (some are worth more than others in terms of points).

To prepare for each exam you are given access to online certification courses with which you can study at your own pace and prepare to take your certification exam.

What's more, You will have access to the HUAWEI CLOUD Tech Community where you can answer all your questions.

Once you finish the preparation course you will be able to take a mock certification exam, in which you can test your knowledge in a mock certification exam.

When you can pass your mock exam, you will have access to the option to schedule your final certification exam, but be careful, once you request it and the date is set you will not be able to change or suspend it.

In the final exam you will only have one chance to pass the exam, in case of failure you will not be able to retry.

Certification details

Huawei's certification is valid for 3 years with international recognition. Certification exams and courses are only available in the English language.

You can participate in all certifications as long as they are available, but you will only have one attempt to carry out the final exam.

To go to the platform and see the list of certifications available from Huawei, click on the following button:

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