IBM: Earn a certification in R for data science with this free course

R is a powerful language for data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, statistics.

Originally developed for statistical programming, it is now one of the most popular languages ​​in data science.

In this grade, You will learn the basics of R and finish with the confidence to start writing your own R scripts..

 But this is not your typical textbook introduction to R. You're not just learning about the fundamentals of R, Instead, you will use R to solve problems related to movie data.

Using a concrete example makes learning painless.

You will learn the basics of R syntax, including assigning variables and performing simple operations with one of R's most important data structures: The vectors! From vectors, you will learn about lists, matrices, arrays and data frames.

Once you've covered the basics, learn to read and write data in R, either in table format (CSV, Excel) or in a text file (.txt).

Finally, you will end up with some important functions for strings and dates in R.


  • This course is free.
  • It's at your own pace.
  • Can be taken at any time.
  • Can be audited as many times as you like.
  • This course makes intensive use of hands-on labs. Everything you need to do these labs is provided with the course. All you need is a modern web browser and internet access.


Module 1 – Basic concepts of R

  • Math, variables and strings
  • Vectors and factors
  • Vector operations

Module 2 – Data structures in R

  • Matrices and matrices
  • Liza
  • Data frames

Module 3 – Fundamentals of programming R

  • Conditions and loops
  • Functions in R
  • Objects and classes
  • Depuration

Module 4: Work with data in R

  • Reading CSV and Excel files
  • Read text files
  • Write and save data objects to a file in R

Module 5: strings and dates in R

  • String operations in R
  • Regular expressions
  • Dates in R


If you pass all modules (including tests) and the final exam with a minimum of 70 points, you will have access to a certificate of completion from IBM.

Remember that you can go at your own pace, so we advise you that one hour a week is enough to carry out the learning correctly.

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