iRaspbian: The operating system that emulates being a macOS on a Raspberry Pi

We have all been curious at some time to handle the operating system of a Mac, Mac OS, the problem with Apple's operating system is that it is limited to its own computers, which are more expensive than average computer equipment, but performance for various tasks is worth it.

Even so, maybe having a visually similar system might be enough.

With the nickname iRaspbian, the distribution creates a nearly identical version of the MacOS Dock, Launcher and even the default wallpaper that comes with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Nevertheless, the resemblance is only superficial, as the macOS facade quickly fades when you start digging into the operating system, which is based on Raspbian, the officially supported operating system for Raspberry Pi.

iRaspbian comes with a number of built-in applications, incluida Chromium Media Edition (the version of the web browser that allows you to use services like Netflix), LibreOffice and the GIMP art package, all of which have their own icons in the Dock .

There are several pre-installed retro games, as well as Steam, although as the ETA Prime video embedded above reveals, there is only a very limited selection of titles on the Steam store that will run on the limited hardware of the Raspberry Pi.

As if iRaspbian is no longer pulling Apple's chain of lawyers, the distribution also includes an emulator for Mac OS 9, as well as one for Windows 98.

Judging from the video, distribution runs remarkably smooth on the Raspberry Pi 4, which has only a fraction of the power of even the weakest Mac in Apple's range.

La Raspberry Pi 4 has a 1.5GHz quad-core Cortex A72 processor and can be configured with up to 4GB of RAM. It is intended for hobbyists who hack their own computer projects, not to buyers trying to replicate a Mac cheaply.

The distribution is available for free download from raspbian-x website . We just hope you arrive on time, before apple apply some justice.

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